Photo Profile Amirandah Zantman

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Photo Asmirandah Zantman Foto Asmirandah Zantman foto Profil Asmirandah Zantman Photo Profile Asmirandah Zantman

Profile Asmirandah Zantman

Fullname : Asmirandah Zantman
Nickname : Andah
Wieght : 51 kg
High : 163 cm
Date of birthday : jakarta 5 october 1989
Zodiac : Scorpio
Twitter : @itsmeAsmirandah
Followers : 212,557
Hobbies : Writes a skenario and article
Activity/Work : Actress >ad star >writes a skenario and article

her's cute face is always stealing the attention of every eye that sees it. The girl who was familiarly called Andah was a child of the couple M Farmidji Zantman (from Holland) and Sani Suliwati (from Indonesia).

Asmirandah Zantman besidioes playing movie also recorded starred in the many soap operas and ad.

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Photo Profile Debby Ayu

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Photo Profile Debby Ayu Photo Profile Debby Ayu Foto Profil Debby Ayu Foto Profil Debby Ayu

profile debby ayu

FullName: Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine
Called: Debby ayu
Weidth: 52 kg
High: 174
Date of birthday: Bandar Lampung 7 August 1988
Zodiac: Leo
Twitter: @Debbyayumi
Followers: 15731
Hobbies: Shopping
Activity/Work: Model > actress
Beautiful girl who has this sensual lips started his career as a model, debby ayu girl who was on born 7 August 1988 in Bandar Lampung is was named by parents with full name Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine.
he chose to move to jakarta leave his brother and parents to develop his career as a model, after success as a model he tried a career in acting.
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Photo Profile Marissa Nasution

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Photo Marissa Nasution Foto Marissa Nasution Photo Profile Marissa Nasution Foto Profil Marissa Nasution

Full name: Marissa Nasution
called: marissa (vj marissa)
weight: 54 kg
high: 174 cm
anyversary: jakarta 8 february 1986
zodiac: aquarius
twitter: @MarissaLN
Followers: 111.895
Hobbies: writes a skenario and article>Traveling around asia and uero
activity/work: model> presenter> ad star
Education: high school and University in Germany (finance and low)
Fashion and runaway model in jakarta indonesia
Fashion and runaway model in singapore
Fashion and runaway model in kuala lumpur malaysia

His beautiful face and sexy body is often present graced the television screen as a talk show reality show or acting in a soap operas
The girl who was familiarly called marissa started his career as an MTV VJ Guest. its beauty and popularity make it flooded many offers to play movies and starred for bid advertisement leading product

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